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As Primal, we come to this Internet marketplace with two years of experience working with leather. Over this time the designs have been created from scratch, tested, refined and reinvented. What has been developed is constantly improving, but now we believe that time has come to share the results with the world.

Researching the needs people have with they everyday gear and the scale of possibilities, work with leather opens at satisfying them allowed to create prototypes. Having friends test the leather-work in real life conditions allowed to study what is expected and what is needed from the design. This process has been repeated over and over until the perfected version born from clear vision, hard work and honest feedback could be presented. This is the way collection you can now explore and experience yourself was born. We invite you to join us in the journey to further expansion and enhancement of leather-work collection presented now.

The products have found their owners in many places all over the world already. Shipments have been made to all of the States of the US and Canada. There also those who enjoyed using stylish designs in European countries, such as United Kingdom, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and Austria. There are even those who favored these items in Australia and Qatar. With feedback from these people from around the world, our desire to share the experience with the world has grown thousandfold.

The constant work on the development of new designs and the improvement of existing ones is ongoing, with readiness to experiment and passion. Allow us to share this passion with you.

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