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Leather choice

As Primal, we aim to deliver the unique and rich experience from using leather accessories. Hence, when it comes to selection of leathers we search for the most beautiful and exotic types. The love for natural and savage is still within us from the age of hunters to this age of information technologies. Premium quality materials and execution of work shall bring you the designs appealing to that love and satisfying such tastes. The way they look, feel and persevere in daily use is incomparable to anything else.

Quality is the highest priority and only the best samples are selected for use in leather-work. We keep awareness high and stay sane, checking the lists provided by CITES to ensure that delivery of best experience does not jeopardize the healthy future of the Earth. Thus, leather with texture as beautiful and quality as high is selected, ensuring that it is taken from species with high total population.

You can find a variety of leather with texture, thickness and patter that bests suits your taste. In our collection you may select from:


This leather lives up to the needs of the reptile being both supple and extremely durable. The bony layer adds a shield for extra protection and durability. In addition, dimples on the scales create a unique, luxurious pattern. In comparison to crocodile, this leather is more soft, what allows for more variety and flexibility in leather-working;

Caiman leather, while similar to one of alligator at a first glance, is much stiffer due to higher numbers of calcium contained. Adding up to the durability, deposits of calcium prevent it from being stretched and create a vivid pattern that persists after leather has gone through tanning and dyeing, making it special even among special;


Leather is known for the beauty and luster of scales. Being created to handle harsh conditions, protecting the snake from climate and foes, it has outstanding durability. The two major kinds of it derive form the way the cut is made, keeping either back or belly scales intact, putting accent on different patterns. Each of them is beautiful in its own way;



World's best leather supplies

Leather is supplied form Taiwan, Indonesia and Italy. Leathers are subjected to chrome tanning, which enhances the tolerance to aging and wear. The natural durability is enhanced, while the beauty and flexibility are preserved, making these kind of leather perfect for accessories you can use daily. Pick from the variety of kinds, patterns an colors and rest assured that your item will serve you well for years to come.